Aimée, you’ve been a delight to work with…and I love your painting style. I wish I had the ‘Donkey’ portrait [that we procured for our client] in my own home. Maybe someday I’ll get you to paint something for me. But for now, you’re on our radar and we’ll be calling on you again… — Mark Cravotta | Interior Designer, Cravotta Interiors

Fancy a wildebeest? An elk? A specifically-sized painting? I’m all ears. In addition to the current available work, I love creating one-of-a-kind pieces for individuals and interior designers. Just shoot me an email and let me know what you have in mind.

Turnaround varies and depends on the piece’s subject and size. Some paintings take six hours, others take six weeks. Average timeframe is about two to three weeks. So don’t be shy if you’re a designer on a tight project deadline—there’s a good chance I might be able accommodate you.

Most work falls in the $4500-9500 range. If you’d like a an estimate on a custom piece, or pricing for the available paintings, just contact me directly and I’ll promptly email you a pricing pdf.

Look forward to hearing your ideas and working together…

- Aimée

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